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Tom Grimble tom at cucbc.org
Mon May 26 14:50:14 BST 2014

*Captains: Please pass this message on to anyone in your club who may
beinterested in CUCBC Committee Positions*

Dear all

With the May Bumps fast approaching and the academic year almost over, we
are starting to think about appointing next year's CUCBC Executive
Committee. There are four open positions, all of which are open to
**any**member of the College boat clubs. Involvement with the CUCBC
committee is
fun and rewarding and a good way of giving something back to College rowing
in Cambridge, so if you are enthusiastic about college rowing and would
like to get involved on the organisational side, please do consider
applying for a position.

While there are a number of defined jobs, responsibilities (particularly
organising and umpiring the major races) tend to be shared between
committee members who will work together throughout the year.

If you wish to run for any of these positions, please send a brief
manifesto outlining your experience and what you will bring to the position
to Tom Grimble, CUCBC Honorary Secretary (tom at cucbc.org), by Friday 6th
June. I also strongly recommend getting involved in umpiring this year’s
May Bumps (details of which will follow in the next week).

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know more.

*CUCBC Honorary Secretary*

This position will be elected at the pre-May Bumps Captains' Meeting
(Sunday 8th June) by the College Captains. Candidates will give a brief
speech to the Captains before they vote.

Current: Tom Grimble (tom at cucbc.org)

The Honorary Secretary is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day running
of the CUCBC committee; organisation of CUCBC events (Uni IVs, Lents, SBR,
Mays) and day-to-day administration of College rowing. This includes
issuing fines and dealing with straight forward appeals, compiling agendas
and minutes for the Captains' meetings, arranging marshalling rotas and
organising the start of year LBCs' course. You will also be the Captains'
main representative on the Executive Committee. The Honorary Secretary will
generally take responsibility for organising one of the CUCBC events, while
the others will be distributed between committee members. While there are a
number of responsibilities, they are spread out over the year and completed
with the help of the other committee members. This is a rewarding job for
an energetic and enthusiastic person!

*Junior Treasurer*

This position will be co-opted by the current Executive Committee.

Current: Henk-Jaap Wagenaar (juniortreasurer at cucbc.org)

The junior treasurer takes responsibility for the day-to-day running of
CUCBC's finances, including drawing up and distributing bills to the
College Boat Clubs and preparing the budget with the Senior Treasurer.

*Events Secretary*

This position (1 or more persons, as deemed appropriate) will be co-opted
by the current Executive Committee.

Current: Philip Garsed (events at cucbc.org)

The events secretary helps with the organisation and running of CUCBC
races. While overall responsibility for the CUCBC events will be divided
between committee members (so you will not have to do everything!), the
events secretary helps out with arranging umpires and organising and
distributing umpiring kit. You will also liaise with the producers of the
Bumps programmes and arrange the presentations and upkeep of the University
medals and trophies. A fun job if you want to get involved with running
races on the Cam!

*Coxes' Representative*

This position will be elected at the May Bumps Coxes' Meetings (Sunday 8th
June) by the coxes.

Current: Mat Bryan (coxing at cucbc.org)

The coxes' rep aids the development of coxes within the College boat clubs,
including arranging the novice coxes' meeting in Michaelmas term as well as
giving the pre-Bumps coxes' briefings and any other ideas you may have!

In addition to these positions, the CUCBC Committee also comprises the
Honorary Secretaries of the three University clubs (CUBC, CUWBC, CULRC).
Each of these clubs have their own election procedures which will be or
have already been circulated by the current Honorary Secretaries.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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