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Tue Feb 4 16:34:51 GMT 2014

Dear all

The provisional start order <http://www.cucbc.org/bumps/startorder/11> for
the Lent Bumps 2014 is now available.

Before reading this start order please remember that this is entirely
provisional and will change massively in the run up to the Getting-on Race
and following that.

There will be 6 division this term, 3 men's divisions, 2 women's divisions
and a split division with the top 6 places as M4 and the bottom 12 as W3.

Race division times <http://www.cucbc.org/lents/times> are now available.
To summarise, everything is just starting 40 minutes later with 1 less
division on most days, but with all 6 divisions running Friday and Saturday
to ensure sandwich boat continuity. Please be prepared for your crews to
change between divisions in the run up to the races due to scratches and
qualifying results. If you have any confusion about your possible position
at this time let us know and we'll try to help.

Lower boats who have been pushed down into the GoR from their previous
starting locations will regain those places provided they qualify.

All races will run to the women's finish (Peter's Posts and the Railway
Bridge) except the M4/W3 split division which will finish at the lower
boat's finishes on the Long Reach.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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