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Wed Oct 16 11:23:43 BST 2013

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From: Philippa Noon <river.manager at camconservators.org.uk>
Date: 16 October 2013 16:58
Subject: Partial obstruction of navigation, Chesterton footbridge, River
Cam, approximate hours 9am to 5pm, Thursday 17th October 2013
To: Philippa Noon <river.manager at camconservators.org.uk>

To all Cam river users,****

** **

Please be advised that tomorrow, Thursday 17th October 2013, there will be
a barge positioned in the navigation channel underneath Chesterton (Green
Dragon) footbridge. The working hours will be approximately 9am to 5pm

** **

Cambridgeshire County Council’s contractors will be conducting a visual
survey of the bridge structure. The barge will measure approximately 2.5m
wide by 10m long. Navigation will therefore, be obstructed partially during
this survey.****

** **

Navigators are asked to keep a good lookout and to navigate this section of
the river with caution. A banksman will be in attendance to issue
instructions to navigators. Please heed their advice for safety reasons. ***

** **

Thank you for your attention and cooperation.****

** **

Yours faithfully,****

** **

Pip Noon****

** **

** **

River Manager****

Conservators of the River Cam****

Baits Bite Lock****

Fen Road****



CB24 6AF****

** **

Telephone: 01223 863785****

Email: river.manager at camconservators.org.uk****

Web: www.camconservators.co.uk ****
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