[CUCBC Contacts] SBR 2013 Schedule Iteration 2

Mat Bryan coxing at cucbc.org
Thu Apr 18 14:42:34 BST 2013

Dear All,

Please find here a
the first iteration of the SBR schedule, no doubt subject to countless
complaints, clashes and general clangor. I do apologise for the rather
fractured division layout, this being due to a number of people entering
multiple events in different boat categories.

Competitor names in red indicate clashes within the schedule, to be revised
as day 1 and 2 results become available. Race 31 may be particularly
affected by results, potentially merging with the division beginning race
32. Race 17 is effectively scratched with the co-operation of FaT,
affecting races 35 and 41, in order to simplify the schedule to its current
form (highlighted).

Due to various entry related confusion - the draws for the Foster-Fairbairn
Pairs (Men) and Lowe Double Sculls (Mixed) will not be published on the
website, and will instead follow the chain of races shown in the schedule.
Both draws were randomly generated by a single execution of the Python
random.shuffle(x) script.

Due to a lack of entries, Magdalene (Knights-Hargreaves) - Magdalene Silver
Pairs (Men) have been moved to the Foster-Fairbairn Pairs (Men) event.
Similarly, the Magdalene Silver Pairs (Women) will not be run.
Foster-Fairbairn Pairs (Women) and Lowe Double Sculls (Women) may be run as
a joint event due to one entry in each, at the discretion of each crew, to
be confirmed.

The Colqhoun Sculls title will this year be contested by Chris Kerr of St.
Catharine's college and Will Kenyon of Emmanuel college.


CUCBC Coxing Rep.

(The timetable will perhaps at a later date be transferred to the website,
however, given the number of iterations expected, this will not happen at
this time.)
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