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Dear all

CUCBC are looking to recruit people for the last few roles on this year's
Committee. There are 2 open positions, which are open to *any* member of
the College boat clubs. If you have enjoyed College rowing and competing,
this is a brilliant way of helping make it a great success in Cambridge.
The bumps and many of the other races throughout the year could not run
without the enthusiasm and organisation behind the scenes.

Getting involved with CUCBC is not the massive commitment some think it is
and many of the jobs fit in very nicely with a typical college rowing
schedule and races you would be involved in anyway. In no way will it stop
you from being able to compete in Bumps or any other race.

While the jobs listed below are quite specific roles, there is the
opportunity to help with all of the CUCBC races throughout the year. These
responsibilities are shared between all the committee members, so you won't
be swamped by a massive job on your own!

If you would like to run for any of the positions listed below, please just
get in touch (tom at cucbc.org).

Also if you would like to know more about any of the jobs, please do not
hesitate to contact us.
Junior Treasurer

The Junior Treasurer takes responsibility for the day-to-day running of
CUCBC's finances, including drawing up and distributing bills to the
College Boat Clubs and preparing the budget with the Senior Treasurer. They
also have a key role in organising entries to CUCBC races.
Events Secretary

The events secretary helps with the organisation and running of CUCBC
races. While overall responsibility for the CUCBC events will be divided
between committee members (so you will not have to do everything!), the
events secretary helps out with arranging umpires and organising and
distributing umpiring kit. You will also liaise with the producers of the
Bumps programmes and arrange the presentations and upkeep of the University
medals and trophies. A fun job if you want to get involved with running
races on the Cam!

Both of these positions can be co-opted by the current Executive Committee.

There is also an open position for the Honorary Secretary of CUBC, which is
elected separately. If you are interested please contact us for more

We look forward to hearing from you.

Tom Grimble
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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