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Simon Smart sds50 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jun 16 11:38:29 BST 2012

Thanks to all crews for a another good day’s racing – just a few minor
incidents including a tree coming down in the Gut! Today’s results are now
available at www.cucbc.org/mays/results.


Notes from the Umpires

·         All divisions on Saturday race 2 hours earlier. Please make sure
you marshal on time!

·         Bank parties are strictly limited to 4 cyclists. Excessive bank
parties are dangerous and can obstruct the umpires. Excessive bank parties
will be heavily penalised.

·         The towpath will be getting busy during the upper divisions
tomorrow. Please watch where you are going and look out for members of the
public using the towpath to cycle home from work. It is a public right of
way! Please also be polite to members of the public.

·         Please take all your litter with you – either in the boat or with
the bank party. An empty water bottle will not slow you down!

·         Remember to keep your boathouses secure. Close the bays when you
are not using them and lock up when you are leaving to race.



Fines may be appealed by e-mailing Chris Balmer, CUCBC Senior Treasurer
(seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this e-mail being sent.

·         Caius M1 – Excessive bank party - £30

·         Christ’s M4 – Urinating in public (the toilets were right next to
your marshalling point) - £85

·         Clare Hall W1 – Disobeying umpire’s instructions - £20

·         Darwin M3 – Obstructing an umpire - £20

·         Homerton W2 – Excessive bank party - £30

·         Hughes Hall M1 – Urination in public - £85

·         Jesus W1 – Excessive bank party - £30

·         Pembroke W1 – Dangerously obstructing an umpire - £40

·         Queens’ M3 – Dropped bung (no advantage) - £15

·         Jesus – Failure to provide marshal - £15

·         Newnham – Failure to provide marshal - £15

·         Sidney Sussex – Failure to provide marshal - £15

·         St. Catharine’s – Failure to provide marshal - £15

·         Jesus M5 – Tuneless singing – A bottle of port



Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Honorary Secretary


E-mail: dan at cucbc.org



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