[CUCBC Contacts] FW: May Bumps Photography 2012 Information Flyer

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sat Jun 9 23:24:30 BST 2012

*Captains: Please pass this e-mail on to anyone in your club who may be
interested in umpiring*


Hi all


Many thanks to those of you who have signed up to umpire since my last
e-mail. We still need a few more umpires for this year's May Bumps to ensure
that the races run smoothly and safely. Without a full complement of
umpires, we will not be able to run the races.


At present, the Saturday W2, M2, W1 and M1 divisions will not be able to go
ahead unless a few more umpires are available for them, so please do sign up
if you are able, or encourage members of your clubs who may be interested.


If you are willing and able to help out with any of these, please do let me


Thanks in advance for your help!





Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Honorary Secretary


E-mail: dan at cucbc.org



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