[CUCBC Contacts] Queens Ergs Draw

George Savell queens.men at cucbc.org
Mon Oct 31 20:44:01 GMT 2011

Dear All,

Today concludes Uni IVs 2011. Many thanks for persevering through lack of
umpires and the variety of weather conditions.

In summary:

Men's Coxless: LMBC 1
Men's Coxed M1: Queens 1 and Caius 1 (Dead Heat)
Men's Coxed M2: Downing 2
Women's Coxed W1: Downing 1
Women's Coxed W2: St. Catharine's 2

The full set of results are now online.

Can I remind all victors that the medal's presentation is tonight at 6pm in
the Goldie Boathouse Captain's room.


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