[CUCBC Contacts] Uni IVs Results Day 3

Mat Bryan coxing at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 26 16:21:29 BST 2011

A while back I wrote a coxing game that allowed people to control a boat rowing
the Cam from about station 4 to just after Ditton corner.  It also includes the
Tideway course, and the Head of the Charles course.  I also wrote the game used
in the Super Sprints website, where you control a team in a rowing relay race
and a water cannon to help your team win the day.

I've put these games back on the web, and welcome people having a go for their
amusement.  You will need to register to play (fill in the web form and follow
the link in the email you get), there are high score tables and so on.

The url is:




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