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Mon Oct 24 15:25:44 BST 2011

Dear all


The great British art of queuing appears to be slipping on the river.


When there is a stationary queue of boats in the morning waiting to get back
to the boat houses, please do not attempt to jump the queue. Chances are the
queue is there because there is nowhere for the boats to go, so jumping the
queue isn't really going to help and we all have lectures/labs/etc. to get
back to. If too many people try this and potentially meet crews coming the
other way, it could lead to a nasty accident.


Honourable mentions this week go to First and Third, Magdalene, Darwin,
Wolfson and Trinity Hall.


Also, you should not be overtaking on corners at any time (including the
slight corner under the Railway Bridge) as you cannot see what is coming the
other way.


If such dangerous behaviour continues, fines will be imposed on the
offending crews.


In short, don't do it.





Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Honorary Secretary


E-mail: dan at cucbc.org



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