[CUCBC Contacts] Renting an VIII

Akiko Toda at470 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 3 21:56:25 GMT 2011

Hi, could you forward this to your list please? It isn't spam - a 
significant part of the job would include coxing and coaching rowing. 

Dear boaties,

Your rowing skills and enthusiasm are needed to help make a summer school a 
success. Between 21 July - 20 August American high school students will be 
living in Cambridge and participating in a three week academic programme. 
Live-in staff need to supervise students in all aspects of Programme, 
provide afternoon and evening activities and accompany students on weekend 
excursions. One popular afternoon activity each weekday is the rowing 
option, and this needs to be coached and coxed by experienced boaties. You 
will have access to Sidney Sussex's facilities. Other activities include 
the theatre, movie outings, dances and the final Ball, excursions to London 
(2 plays included), Stonehenge, Bath, Warwick Castle, and more. Private 
room, breakfast and dinner when on campus, all excursion theatre and other 
tickets included. No drinking or smoking policy for students and staff 
strictly enforced. 900 pounds sterling for three weeks. Send a cover letter 
and CV to: info at cambridgecollegeprogramme.org

For more information visit:  www.cambridgecollegeprogramme.org

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