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Sat Jan 29 21:17:32 GMT 2011

Dear Captains,

This year's Pembroke Regatta will take place on Saturday 19th February.  I 
would like to invite any of your VIIIs, including alumni VIIIs, to enter.

The Regatta is the ideal opportunity for your crews to compete in 
side-by-side racing on the Cam, and also great preparation in the run-up to 
Lent Bumps.  The format of the Regatta will be largely similar to previous 
years, but there will be some modifications.  Specifically, all races will 
be timed, and prizes will be awarded to runner-up crews as well as winning 
crews in each division (pending entry numbers).  Also, the way in which 
races are scheduled will be modified - for those who are interested details 
are given below, and feedback will be appreciated.

Entry forms have been posted to colleges, but forms may also be downloaded 
and returned by email.  All details are given on the Regatta page of our 
website (http://pembrokecollegeboatclub.com/v3/?page_id=8), and please 
contact me if you have further questions.

Kind regards,


Alisdair McClymont
Regatta Secretary 2010-11
Pembroke College Boat Club

Mob: 07887 488759


Scheduling of Races:

Several solutions have been considered (including the possibility of running 
races in both directions).  The following method of scheduling races is 
proposed - note that races are run from the end of the Reach to Peter's 

Crews are required to be below Chesterton 30-40 mins before the start of 
their race, and be marshalled at the Railway Bridge 25-35 mins before the 
start of their race.
Following their first race, winning crews will pull in at Chesterton, spin 
and return to the Railway Bridge to marshal for their second race.
After their second or third race, winning crews will return to their 
boathouse for an extended break.  They will have progressed to the 
semi-final round of their division.
The semi-final and final rounds will be held towards the end of the day.
The exception is the M1 division where the first rounds are held latest in 
the day.  The first races will be held after 1:00pm, and all racing will be 
complete before 5:00pm.

It will be ensured that in every race, both racing crews will have had the 
same (or an extended) period of recovery since their previous race.  The 
only exception is where a division receives an odd number of entries, in 
which case it is necessary to give one crew a bye.

Feedback is appreciated, either by email or on the Pembroke Regatta 2011 
thread on rowing.ucam.org 

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