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The Cam Clean Up is a popular event for local residents, community groups
and the residential boating community.
This year the event will take place on Saturday 26th March, 10:00am-1:00pm,
culminating with a BBQ.
Follow links below to see information about previous Cleanups:
 Every year Camboaters, 'Anglian Water's RiverCare' alongside Cambridge City
Council and the Cam Conservancy* *organise the Cam Cleanup. We invite
volunteers to take part in this excellent opportunity to give this
much-loved river a helping hand, by participating in the river Cleanup. The
Cam Cleanup is the perfect excuse to get out there and do something for the
City, as well as expressing our environmental ethic and collective love of
rivers and wildlife.
The 2009 Cleanup saw more than 200 volunteers collect over 400 bags of
recyclable and general rubbish from the river and its banks. Hard working
grapple teams recovered a whopping 100 bikes from the riverbed and three
motorised scooters were retrieved from Stourbridge Common.
This year we would like your help to recruit volunteers, Team leaders and
First Aiders. Please ask volunteers to email
camcleanup at camboaters.co.ukexpressing whether they wish to be a
volunteer, Team leader or whether they
are a qualified First Aider.
Team Leaders and First Aiders will be required to attend a briefing event at
the Council Chamber, Cambridge Guildhall on, March 17th at 6.00 PM.
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