[CUCBC Contacts] Coxing: Christ's Training Camp at Aiguebelette Lake, France

Charles M Heron cmh78 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 1 23:14:22 GMT 2011

Dear all

Happy New Year. Christ's is going to Aiguebelette lake in France this 
coming week, but unfortunately we have found ourselves 1 cox short.

We were wondering if any coxes (or if anyone knows of any coxes who) would 
be interested in coming on the camp with us. We are taking two Men's VIIIs, 
two Women's VIIIs and some top coaches including a cox coach - it is lining 
up to be a pretty awesome week with plenty of social time as well as rowing 
time. We are leaving on 5th January (Wednesday) and returning on 12th 
January (Wednesday). All travel, accommodation and food is included. We're 
all quite nice people really :)

If anyone is interested (or knows of anyone who would be interested) or if 
you would like more information please contact me by email or by calling me 
on 07921668956.

Thanks very much

Charlie Heron
Captain of Boats, Christ's College Boat Club

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