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Ian Farrell ian at ianfarrell.org
Thu Apr 7 21:01:52 BST 2011

Nominations for the post of CULRC Honorary secretary 2011-12 (to take office on 
the 1st August 2011) are now open. While nominations can be received until 
immediately before the vote (more on this below), anyone who wants their 
manifesto sent out to the electorate should send it to me at least a couple of 
days in advance.

The CULRC Hon: Sec: is a dual CUCBC/CULRC role and responsibilities include:
* Enforcing the CUCBC Safety Regulations and Rules of the River
* Umpiring in and helping in the organisation of CUCBC events
* Taking minutes at the termly CULRC Executive Committee meetings
* Administrative work for CULRC such as ordering rowing kit and 
collecting payment

The position is open to any student who is a member of a college boat 
club - there is no requirement to have rowed or coxed for CULRC. 
However, the electorate consists entirely of past CULRC crews (unlike 
the CUBC and CUWBC secretaries, who are elected by college captains) so 
you should bear this in mind when writing your manifesto.

The CULRC constitution stipulates that the election for Hon: Sec: can 
happen at any time after the election for CULRC President. If there is 
more than one candidate for President, the vote will take place on 
Wednesday 27th April at 6pm in Robinson College, with the vote for 
Secretary happening immediately after. If there is only one candidate 
for President then the Hon: Sec: vote will take place electronically.

If you have any questions about the role, do not hesitate to ask.

Chris Kerr
St Catharine's College
CULRC Hon: Sec: 2008-11

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