[CUCBC Contacts] Michell Cup / Pegasus Cup

Julian Granger-Bevan julian at cucbc.org
Wed Jun 23 18:03:19 BST 2010

Please see below message from Kat Astley. Replies to kat.astley at cantab.net

Begin forwarded message: 
> Hi all.
> Hope your Bumps went well (although clearly that’s not possible for everyone since in order for some to go up, summat’s gotta come down!! J).
> If you are looking for presentation oars, please be aware that Nick Acock at Christ’s has got some old cleavers belonging to me.  I want shot of them so will sell for bargain sub-normal price.  Please contact me not Nick initially.
> Thanks!
> Kat
> K. Astley
> 07968 391 711
> Kat.astley at cantab.net

Dan Wilkins (Jesus College)
CUCBC Web Team
dan at cucbc.org

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