[CUCBC Contacts] Lents 2010 Results and Saturday's Notes and Fines

Dan Wilkins dan at cucbc.org
Sun Feb 28 15:28:34 GMT 2010

Results from Friday's races are now available on the website:


I attach tomorrow's start order.

There will be 1 minute silence for Ian Thompson before both the W1 and M1 divisions tomorrow. This will be just before the 1 minute gun. A gun will fire at 5 minutes to mark the beginning of the minute's silence, then the 4 minute gun will mark the end. The 1 minute and start guns will fire as normal.

Please ensure all crews and bank parties in these divisions are aware of this.

In the case of high stream/wind, please try to pull over to the towpath side where possible to save your boat drifting. This may however, not be possible if crews are racing close behind your bump.

It is a good idea to bring bank parties to assist with marshalling if the wind/stream is high.

Please row home sensibly tomorrow. It is generally not a good idea for one of your crew to give coxing a try for the first time on the row home. Crews causing problems will be penalised.

All fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Holly Hedgeland, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org) within 48 hours of this e-mail being sent.

- Jesus M2 - No lifejacket - £50
- King's M1 - Dropped bung (no advantage) - £15

- Clare - Late marshal - £15
- Caius - Failure to provide marshal (2nd offence) - £30
- First and Third - Failure to provide marshal (2nd offence) - £30
- Hughes Hall - Failure to provide marshal - £15
- King's - Failure to provide marshal - £15

See you tomorrow...

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