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Stuart Scott jcbc-fairbairns at jesus.cam.ac.uk
Fri Dec 31 09:55:52 GMT 2010

Message from Sarah Chisholm (UCL):
>  Dear Sir or Madam,
> We (the British Olympic Association) have recently moved our sports 
> science  laboratories to University College London’s campus in central 
> London and  are looking to develop a database of contacts for volunteers 
> interested in  participating in our training studies aimed at developing 
> novel concepts to  maximise the preparation of our athletes. Most of the 
> training studies are  likely to require a commitment of 6-8 weeks and the 
> willingness to perform  training sessions prescribed by our sports 
> scientists.
> We are contacting all local sports team to enquire about individuals 
> willing  to volunteer for some training studies we are planning to start 
> in 2011 and  2012.
> At this stage what we would like is simply details of people interested in 
> being contacted in the future about our opportunities, name, age, email 
> address, and frequency of training (e.g. 4 times per week, etc.). We will 
> maintain this database and will not pass any details to 3rd parties and we 
> will not use the email address to send unsolicited emails.
> When details of our training studies will be finalised and ethics approval 
> will be obtained we plan to contact the volunteers who expressed an 
> interest  to ask for their willingness to participate.
> For any enquiry related to this project please contact
> Miss Sarah Chisholm
> University College London
> Dept. of Computer Science
> Mobile: 07824470984
> Email: s.chisholm.09 at ucl.ac.uk
> Thank you very much,
> Marco Cardinale
> Dr. Marco Cardinale, Ph.D., A.S.C.C.
> Head of Sports Science and Research
> Direct dial:
> Mobile: 07876271341
> Email: marco.cardinale at boa.org.uk

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