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Fri Oct 16 15:13:46 BST 2009

Dear All,

There have been complaints about coaches and bank parties on bicycles
narrowly avoiding collisions with pedestrians, particularly around the
riverside area.  Anyone cycling with a crew needs to pay attention to where
they are going for the safety of both yourself and members of the public.
If a pedestrian (or another cyclist) is forced to jump onto the road to
avoid a collision with you, then it puts that person at a risk of being hit
by an oncoming vehicle.

Please also note that cycling on certain parts of a footpath that are not
marked as cycling routes is actually illegal.  If you are on a joint cycling
and pedestrian route, then you still need to be aware of where you are going
and of others around you, and not just looking at the crew you are

Derek O'Brien
CUWBC Secretary
CUCBC Secretary
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