[CUCBC Contacts] Wednesday Notes and Fines - May Bumps 2009

Christopher Kerr culrc at cucbc.org
Wed Jun 10 22:59:04 BST 2009

Please find attached today's start order - make a note of your division time 
and station (if you haven't already).

A couple of reminders:

Make sure you boat and marshal on time. The M6/W5 division marshal at the 
start, 10 minutes before the M6 start (i.e. 1245 on weekdays and 1045 on 
Saturday). Everyone else marshals at Chesterton, 45 minutes before the start - 
you should be pulled in to the bank by this time. This is particularly 
important for women's crews, as boats from the preceding men's division may be 
racing to Top Finish.

When doing practice starts on the way down, please only count down from
10 so as not to hold everyone up! Practice starts may be eliminated if we
are running late (but you can still do rolling starts).

First Post Reach is not a litter bin (or a toilet)! Take your rubbish with you 
in the boat (it’s not heavy enough to slow you down) and if you need to 
relieve yourself, use the toilets at Baitsbite or Stourbridge Common.

When you bump, HOLD IT UP! When you get bumped, KEEP ROWING! Do
not celebrate before clearing the river – it is DANGEROUS!

Bank parties are strictly limited to 4 cyclists. This includes the boatman and 
any VIPs. Your "kit carrier" does not need to cycle down with the division - 
you're not going to get cold in the minute or so it takes for all the other 
boats to row past you after you've bumped out.

During racing, any queries can be directed to the Control Desk at Peter’s
Posts (who will be able to refer them to the Chief Umpire).

Christopher Kerr
St Catharine's College
Cambridge CB2 1RL

CULRC Hon: Sec: 2008-09

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