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To all Cam oarspeople,

thought I'd fire an email to the CUCBC list to announce the release of Blood
Over Water, the new book published by Bloomsbury, written by my brother and

To quote Bloomsbury, “It’s a compelling account of the 2003 Oxford Cambridge
Boat Race in which the Livingstons rowed head-to-head in what was the
closest, and many say, best Boat Race of all time. It was won, or lost,
(depending which brother you are), by less than a foot. It's a story about
brotherly rivalry – they were the first brothers to race against one-another
in the competition in over 100 years – and about the terrific toll that
the Boat Race can take on its participants.”

It's in Heffers, Borders and Waterstones in Cambridge (and other UK
bookshops) and on Amazon here
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Blood-Over-Water-David-Livingston/dp/0747595151 .
Bloomsbury have also set up a website - www.bloodoverwater.com . The video
of the last few minutes of the 2003 Boat Race is on youtube here:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqN_OF8ZER0  - I think still Cambridge
are going to win every time I watch it...

Some reviews..

‘Blood Over Water stands out from the mass of sporting memoirs’ The

'The rivalry is brilliantly told' The Guardian

‘Jumping from boat to boat, from brother to brother, you feel every
physical and emotional strain ... “[the story is] is thrillingly relived by
these two feuding siblings’ The Times
‘An enthralling clash’ The Sunday Times

‘Superb..Consistently compelling’ Times Literary Supplement

‘Blood Over Water, if there is any justice in the world of publishing,
should find itself on the short list for someone’s sports book of the year
come the end of 2009.’ Sports Journalists' Association News

Anyhow, hope that might be of interest to a few Cam oarspeople, good luck
for exams and May Bumps people!

very best,

Further reviews

‘The story’s pure box-office, the Livingstons tell it with passion and
panache.’ Rowing Voice
'The tale of an epic Boat Race brilliantly told from the heart of the
competition by two brothers. It is impossible for the reader not to
become involved. A serious candidate for `the sports book of the year'.
Barry Davies
`The Boat Race is the most divisive event in rowing...an extraordinary
and gripping story of a battle between brothers.' Sir Matthew Pinsent

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