[CUCBC Contacts] Robinson Head 2009 (Fri 6 Feb)

J G M Arnold ja368 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 18:48:29 GMT 2009

It's that time of year again. The lovely Head to Head is back, and back
pretty soon! A great opportunity to work off those Christmas excesses.


This year it is on Saturday January 24th with divisions at 9:45, 11:15,
12:45 and 2:15.


For those of you who have not raced this before it is two legs of 2000m. The
first from just before the railway bridge to the A14 bridge, you then spin
and race back along the same course. Your times for the two legs are added
together. Categories for 1st, 2nd or lower eights for colleges and all boats
and classes for CRA or ARA. If you're a college and want to enter something
else apart from an 8 just enter as CRA. 


For full details and online entry please go to:




Enquiries to: events at cityrc.co.uk or 01223 249599. Entries close Monday
January 19th at 6pm.



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