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In addition to the notes & fines, a reminder that tomorrow (Thursday), W2
marshal on the Long Reach (not at Chesterton).


And to clarify about pulling blades in – do this if you are over the towpath
and racing crews are coming behind you (so as not to obstruct them). Don’t
pull blades in (but bury them) if you are sitting on the water on the inside
of the Gut or Grassy.


From: Dan Wilkins [mailto:dan at cucbc.org] 
Sent: 25 February 2009 18:36
To: CUCBC Captains; CUCBC Contacts; CUCBC Coxes; CUCBC Boatmen
Cc: CUCBC Committee
Subject: Lent Bumps 2009 - Wednesday Results and Notes and Fines


Results from Wednesday’s racing are now available online:




Thursday’s start order is attached.


Notes from the Umpires

·         Bank parties must not obstruct the umpires – please let the
umpires cycle along the side of the towpath closest to the river.

·         When pulled in on the inside of a corner, bury blades rather than
pulling them in (if you pull all your blades in, you may capsize).

·         If pulled in to the bank, please pull in blades as racing crews

·         Coxes should concede when a bump is inevitable – there is no point
letting boats get tangled up unnecessarily!

·         Bank parties are still restricted to 4 cyclists, even for first
boats! This includes the boatman and any VIPs and anyone joining during the

·         Please take litter with you in the boat rather than leaving it on
the towpath.



All fines may be appealed within 48 hours of this e-mail being sent by
contacting Ian Thompson, CUCBC Senior Treasurer (seniortreasurer at cucbc.org).

·         Clare: Failure to provide marshal - £15

·         Emmanuel M1: Foul and abusive language – warning

·         First and Third M4: Late acknowledgement - £20

·         Homerton II: Failure to clear - £20

·         Jesus M1: Excessive bank party - £15

·         LMBC M1: Dropped bung (no advantage) - £15

·         Sidney Sussex M2: Slow clearing – warning

·         St. Catharine’s W1: Celebration before clearing - £20

·         Wolfson M2: Foul and abusive language towards official - £20



Dan Wilkins

CUCBC Web Team 2007-9

dan at cucbc.org





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