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Sat Nov 29 12:33:41 GMT 2008

Thank you all for a good days racing. The printed draw for tomorrows racing
is attached. Some notes for tomorrow:

=> It may be foggy tomorrow morning. Boats in the first two divisions are
expected to boat with lights to improve visibility. In the event of heavy
fog requiring a delay I will contact LBCs by phone. Someone will also be
sent to the boathouses where possible.

=> We will be marshalling boats in the first division of the day at the end
of the Reach. This is to ensure marshalling the large first division goes
ahead smoothly. Please pay attention to the instruction of the marshals.

=> Do not be late to marshalling. A crew was disqualified today for arriving
substantially late. You should be at the marshalling area BY the time stated
not AT that time or slightly later. We try to start races on time or early.
If a boat is left behind having not arrived by the marshalling time they
will be disqualified.

=> To eliminate any confusion, you should be at your marshalling area by the
time stated on the attached draw and in the division schedule (
http://www.clareboatclub.org.uk/cnr) as was made clear at the coxes meeting.
(Mention in other documents of needing to arrive 20 minutes before your
batch is sent to the start refers to the time required to arrange the racing
order at Chesterton).

=> It is not good sportsmanship to easy before the line. Also, a cheer for
your opponents is usually a friendly gesture.

Thank you all - have a good days racing tomorrow!

Philip Garsed
Senior Umpire
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