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Sat Nov 29 06:40:15 GMT 2008

Dear all,

I know Clare Novices is the first experience of racing for many novice
crews but I would like to remind all coxes and coaches that you must
use common sense and remember to obey the usual rules of the river on
your way to/home from racing.  In particular:
- crews in the last races of the day will need LIGHTS (if on the water
after 4pm, and possibly earlier)
- there may also be non-college crews on the water, so stay on the
correct side of the river at all times
- crews out early in the morning or in poor visibility may also need lights
- you must be quiet in the early morning period, especially crews in
the first two divisions tomorrow

In particular, visibility tomorrow morning is likely to be limited, so
crews are very likely to need lights.  You should also obey the flag
if one is set. (We are in communication with the race organisers and
hope to avoid a flag if at all possible.)

Regards and the best of luck to all crews racing tomorrow,

CUCBC Secretary

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