[CUCBC Contacts] Fwd: [CUCBC Captains] OXBRIDGE Annual MBA competition

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Fri May 23 16:45:14 BST 2008

Dear Captains / Social Secs,

I'm quite interested in organising an LBGT boatie social (potentially a bit 
of a new concept), to have worthwhile numbers this would need LBGT people 
from more than a couple of clubs. I would really appreciate it if you could 
forward the following message to your members / members you know would be 
interested (although you may not know which these are...)


Toby Constantine-Cort


If you're not LBGT you probably won't want to bother reading further!

I'd be interested in organising an LBGT boatie social, probably in May week 
(since we'll be on drinking bans / exams before that). I've left it a bit 
late in the year, but it's worth a try; standard boatie swaps are okay but 
this could potentially be really fun! There'll be a lot of post bumps 
banter as well probably. I haven't heard of any similar type sports swaps 
happening in my time here, perhaps this would be a good time to start!

If anyone is potentially keen, send an email to trc27 at cam.ac.uk, with some 
details on when you'd be available. It would be at a restaurant of some 
kind (nowhere expensive!), since formals have stopped at that point. If 
there's enough interest I'll email with further details. Obviously I will 
be discreet with your information.


Toby Constantine-Cort
trc27, JCBC

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