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Dear All,

Apologies if my earlier email was a touch confusing.

For clarity, the decision to boat rests with the club, WHEN A FLAG PERMITS

This applies to green and yellow flag situations (and also red-yellow for
the three university clubs). If the flag says that you cannot go out, you
cannot go out. If the flag permits you to boat, it is then up to you to
judge conditions for yourself. For example the flag may be yellow, but if
you believe that conditions are unsuitable for your crew, then it is your
responsibility to take the decision not to boat. The flag is a blunt
instrument, and we try to err on the side of permissiveness, and only use
flags when they are really needed. As a consequence, college crews need to
take sensible decisions over the suitability of conditions for a particular

The thrust of my email was simply that just because a particular flag
situation allows you to boat, does not mean that you should boat without
first being satisfied that the crew is capable or coping with the prevailing
weather or water conditions. If a flag prohibits you boating, that
prohibition is absolute.

Again, apologies if there was any confusion.



CUBC Honorary Secretary
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