[CUCBC Contacts] Fwd: [CUCBC Secretary] lent bumps 2008 photos

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Tue Mar 11 22:10:30 GMT 2008

Hi everyone

King's and Selwyn were running a joint trailer to HORR on Saturday, 
boating from Westminster School (Putney). Unfortunately our driver plans 
have fallen through and we haven't managed to find a replacement yet. If 
you have ANY space (even for half an eight) on a trailer or (being even 
more manically optimistic) would be willing to drive our trailer down to 
London and back on Saturday please get in touch *ASAP* with me and Jason 
Russell at Selwyn (jkr34 at cam.ac.uk). We will, obviously, be willing to 
pay for any help you can provide, and be hugely grateful.

Many thanks


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