[CUCBC Contacts] Mays 2004

Laura Sutcliffe cubc at cucbc.org
Tue Feb 5 21:14:43 GMT 2008

Dear all,

Please find attached the latest version of the Robinson Head draw for 
Friday. I hope I have managed to take into account all the requests I 
have received. Crews who have been moved to a different division since 
the last draw version are highlighted in yellow.

*Note also*, I have decided to extend the marshalling times for the 
second and third divisions by 10 minutes, to *14:20 *and *15:35* 
respectively. The only effect of this is that all marshalling crews 
should be aware of oncoming racing crews having just finished the course 
in the Chesterton area.

Once again, any questions please fire away!

Rob Cook
Robinson College

+44 (0) 7748 766 828

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