[CUCBC Captains] Lent Term Captains' Meeting

D.G. Berry berry at cucbc.org
Fri Jan 21 22:01:04 GMT 2022

Dear All,

Items added onto the agenda include:

  * CamCon update regarding fees;
  * Spinning zone at the FSG public house;
  * Reminder on Early Morning rules; and
  * Rowing outside "college hours" (i.e. before 11:00 at the weekend).

Please find attached some proposed rule changes.

Best, David.

On 19/01/2022 18:05, D.G. Berry wrote:
> Dear Captains of the several boatclubs,
> The captains' meeting this term is to be held virtually on Sunday at 
> 19:00 via Google Meets at [ meet.google.com/zzd-iisr-ydc 
> <http://meet.google.com/zzd-iisr-ydc> ] (hopefully, this will still 
> work on Sunday evening!). Apologies for the short notice!
> The final agenda is yet to be determined. The Bumps will be discussed, 
> as well as any points to be raised from last term's meeting (which 
> minutes I have attached hereto).
> Discussion around the Bumps will include rule changes for 
> substitutions, and whether the results from this year will stand as 
> the starting order for 2023.
> Any agenda items for discussion need to be submitted to the Executive 
> Committee before Friday at 19:00 (i.e. 48 hours before).
> Thanks,
> David Berry
> /Honorary Secretary./
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