[CUCBC Captains] Uni IV Draw and Timetable

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Wed Oct 27 01:14:21 BST 2021

Dear Captains,
The draw and timetable are *final* and now available here:

All form responses were considered for unmovable commitments, and the vast
majority were adjusted for, coinciding with racing on three days.
Note those responses which could not be adjusted for were mainly because
individual responses were inputted for crew members (which raises concerns
for me as to whether you could field a full IV on any day, at any time in
the afternoon....) or the times given were too restrictive. Given these are
all immovable academic commitments you can send in sub requests if needed,
or re-evaluate whether any of these commitments are indeed movable.

You are required to provide marshals and we will provide information on
this in due course.
I will not be monitoring emails the next couple days so please direct
emails to the committee, not me directly.


Limeng Zhu
CUCBC Executive Committee
On Behalf of Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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