[CUCBC Captains] Notes and Fines from JER GoR

Limeng Zhu limeng at cucbc.org
Sun Jun 20 23:51:36 BST 2021

*These will be published throughout the week
here: https://www.cucbc.org/eightsregatta/notes_fines
<https://www.cucbc.org/eightsregatta/notes_fines>*Notes from the Umpires:

   - It feels good to be back on the towpath, seeing so many crews race! We
   are sorry for the crews who have been forced to scratch due to COVID-19
   self-isolation, however we cannot lose sight that we are still in a
   Pandemic and crew members must self-isolate if asked.
   - This is the first year where there have been more Women's crews
   entered in a CUCBC-run race than Men's crews, that we can recall.
   - We are still strongly discouraging spectators from attending. Any
   which do must be on meadowside, and abiding current social distancing
   - Bank parties are limited to *2 cyclists per crew*.
   - All crews looked safe to race and no crews have been removed due to
   safety measures.
   - Many thanks to everyone for being aware of the new format for today-
   it is something we have never tried before!
   - A different race system is in place tomorrow so please re-read the
   race and marshalling instructions.
   - A set of keys have been handed in. Please email limeng at cucbc.org to
   arrange collection.
   - Control is now at the finish, this is where all marshals should
   collect bibs, sign in and receive their briefing.


   - Christ's - Failure to provide a Marshal: £15
   - Clare - Failure to provide a Marshal: £15
   - Darwin - Failure to provide a Marshal: £15
   - First-aiders - Thanks for volunteering at short notice: an edible
   token of thanks
   - Homerton - Marshal pulling a double shift after reading the
   marshalling times wrong: consider a trip to specsavers, however
   commendation for pulling the double shift
   - Murray Edwards W2 - Dangerous activity: Pushing off the bank into the
   course of Christ's NM1 and severely impeding them: £75
   - Pembroke - Failure to provide a Marshal: £15

Fines can be appealed by e-mailing Dr Dan Wilkins, CUCBC Senior Treasurer
(seniortreasurer[at]cucbc.org) within 48 hours.

Limeng Zhu
CUCBC Honarary Secretary
On Behalf of Cambridge University Combined Boat Clubs
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