[CUCBC Captains] SBR 2021 - "Prizegiving" Friday 5:15pm

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Thu Jun 10 21:28:11 BST 2021

Dear all,

For obvious reasons, we aren't able to hold a formal prizegiving 
ceremony for the Smaller Boats Regatta.
Instead, prizes will be available for collection on the hard outside the 
Goldie boathouse tomorrow evening, once I've packed up after the last 
race - hopefully between 5:15 and 5:30pm.

Please can the winners come along to claim their prizes during this 
time, or send a representative to collect on behalf of their crew?
Apologies for the late notice: the prizes have only just arrived today 
but I think it's best to distribute them immediately after racing while 
there's a chance that competitors will still be down by the river.

Best wishes,

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee

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