[CUCBC Captains] Extraordinary Captains' meeting via Zoom, Tuesday 22nd September

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Sun Sep 20 22:14:14 BST 2020

Dear Captains,

The agenda for the meeting on Tuesday, 7pm, is as follows:

1. Hon Sec election
2. BR and University Rules: brief overview of current situation and 
CUCBC's interpretation
(see links here:

3. CUCBC races: CUCBC proposes not to run Uni IVs during Michaelmas
    (Captains to vote on this following discussion / amendments)
4. Novice Rowing: How do clubs plan to advance beyond tubbing?
5. College run races:
    a) possible proposal that there be no novice races during Michaelmas
       (Captains to vote on this following discussion)
    b) Senior races?

The link for the Zoom meeting is below. Please note the following:

  	* A maximum of two representatives from each boat club will be allowed 
to attend
  	* Please ensure that your Zoom name is changed to reflect the club you 
are representing
  	* Please ensure you are muted when you join the meeting
  	* Any voting will be done through the Zoom platform, using the 
non-verbal feedback functions. If you aren't familiar with this, see 
  	* For simplicity of counting votes, one voter per login is encouraged 
(i.e. do not share a zoom screen, sign into the meeting separately)
  	* Depending on time, engage with questions/comments/points of order by 
either the 'Chat' function, raising your hand or through un-muting 
yourself and turning your video on.
  	* Expect teething issues, it is the first time CUCBC has ever done a 
virtual meeting like this. Thank you in advance for your patience! In 
the event that the meeting lasts more than 40 minutes, you will be 
required to sign into the meeting again.

Topic: CUCBC Captain's Pre-Term Meeting
Time: Sep 22, 2020 07:00 PM Cambridge

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 854 7433 1972
Passcode: 0uU22X

Best wishes,

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee
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