[CUCBC Captains] Virtual May bumps- please circulate with your clubs

Poppy Hill ph502 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 19 20:03:33 BST 2020

Dear Captains,

We hope you and your clubs are well. This is firstly a bit of clarification on virtual bumps progress, and secondly a call for content (please circulate this bit with your clubs).

Two event ideas have been circulated (at least as far as we know) for circuit and running bumps, these are being combined into one event, in collaboration with The May Week Mega Event:
-teams of 8+Cox
-24th-28th of June
-3 or 4 days (tbc) running competition: each team member runs 800m, and the times used to work out bumps, over bumps etc.
-final day circuits competition: max reps of 4 circuit exercises, 2 minutes each plus a surprise finisher.
-teams will be able to enter one or both parts, and any number of subs allowed.

Entries will open next week, when further details will be published. All updates will also go up on our Facebook page (Virtual May Bumps 2020). 

All the best,
JCBC President

***your chance for Rowing fame***
Interested in taking part in the 'Virtual May Bumps', from the 24-27 June? The 'Virtual May Bumps' is teaming up with the 'May Week Mega Event' and CamFM, and wants to star YOU and your boat club in our feature!

If you are a cox, we are asking you to send in an audio recording of all your best calls! Imagine the one-minute bell has just gone off; what would you shout for the next three minutes? The weirder the calls and more extreme the voices, the better!

If you are a rower, we are asking you to send in a video of yourself training for the Virtual May Bumps, in your rowing kit – up to 1-min length, if possible. This could just be a selfie-video, but if another member of your household were able to film at an appropriate distance, this would be ideal! We need a good mixture of clips of people running around wide corners (think grassy), long straights (we all miss power 10s along The Reach), and starts (which would be especially funny if done from a seated position as if rowing before transitioning into a sprint). 

Please pass this message on to any in your boat club that are keen to take part in Virtual May Bumps and to contribute to the video. Videos can be uploaded to our Google Drive at https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fnELYde1pAUu_z4MPyTKdkNV6YNWBoFd?fbclid=IwAR2Ux9dNNpexDWGoPrg0xSk7B2raXhJgrZtwV_KLAxg4F-abJtiMucg0psI

We are going to stitch together responses, along with a dramatised commentary from CamFM's bank party commentators, into an edited homage to May Bumps and rowing at Cambridge - so no need for polished responses; the rougher the better.

The May Week Mega Event is a charity livestream event on the 28th June 2020, co-run by May Week Alternative, RAG, and the May Ball Presidents’ Committee, featuring a range of acts who would have performed at May Balls this year, as well a host of special features from many of Cambridge’s much loved institutions. A text-to-donate appeal will also be run for the charities the BigMAC has been supporting in the fight against coronavirus. In the spirit of bringing everyone together after what has so far been a tough year for many, we’re aiming to represent as many aspects of Cambridge - from its music to sports, debates to fashion - in what is shaping up to be a jam-packed evening of May Week entertainment like no other.

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