[CUCBC Captains] Coronavirus advice: move to Return to Rowing Phase D

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Fri Jul 31 16:38:05 BST 2020

Dear all,

I’m sure many of you have seen the latest British Rowing advice, and are no doubt excited by the prospect of returning to mixed-household doubles, and later fours and eights. Please see the below message if you haven’t already received it directly.

CUCBC’s advice to college clubs remains the same - please do not rush into any changes (you’ll note words such as “cautiously” and “reversible” are used heavily in the email below!), and make sure you’re working with boathouse staff and college authorities to develop plans which implement the British Rowing advice, as well as incorporating any extra measures required by your college or specific to your boathouse.

Please do not proceed with the implementation of any plans until your college authorities have been consulted and signed off on them.

Best wishes,

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> Following today’s Government announcement, there have been no specific changes to the UK Government advice for sport and therefore we will proceed cautiously to Phase D from 1 August and continue to review the situation.
> We have carefully considered today’s announcement by the UK Government and have noted that no additional guidance has been issued for the sports sector. For this reason, we are cautiously continuing with our move to Phase D as planned on 1 August.
> We would remind clubs of the importance of following both the Government and our advice to keep rowing clubs COVID-Secure. Given the speed of Government announcements in recent days, we also remind clubs that it is vital that their plans are easily reversible so that they are able to respond to any changes at a national or local level quickly.
> With the implementation of new local restrictions in a number of areas, clubs should ensure that they adhere to any restrictions that apply to them based on their location. Clubs should also bear in mind that even where they are not in an area with local restrictions, they may have members living in areas with restrictions. With this in mind, clubs may wish to remind these members that they need to follow the local restrictions, which may mean they can’t attend the rowing club.
> We will continue to review the situation and may choose to delay the implementation of phases E and F (or even move to a previous phase) if further advice follows from the Government that necessitates this. 
> Our guidance has been updated (to version 5.1) to reflect the move to phase D as of 1 August and is available via the link below.
> View the advice on the British Rowing website >> <https://britishrowing.us1.list-manage.com/track/click?u=f2f672f3e9155d0bb90468d1e&id=6439c9ab8e&e=e2b07df603>
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