[CUCBC Captains] Minutes from Today's Captains' Meeting!

E.B.M. Miller ebmm3 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 20 00:00:47 GMT 2020

Hello everyone! 

Here are the minutes from today's meeting. The main topics were
obviously reminders for Lents training and bumps, but also a discussion
of the proposed rule-change to allow Varsity athletes from other sports
to sub out of boats in the 1st/2nd divisions of bumps. 

Key dates for your diaries: 

 	* Lents Entry Deadline: Jan 31
 	* Getting-on Race: Feb 21
 	* Bumps Week: Feb 25-29
 	* Small Boats Regatta: April 20-22

Best wishes,
Ed Miller (Hon. sec.)
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