[CUCBC Captains] Start of Term Reminders

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Tue Jan 14 23:33:16 GMT 2020

Dear all,

Welcome back - I hope you all had a relaxing vacation. Just a few reminders as we begin Lent Term.

We’re not currently enforcing the 15 minute or the two boat rule. However, we’ll keep an eye on traffic and introduce them as required.
Please remember to remind your coxes that the town crews will be out before Lighting Down and you should expect to meet them on their way home, so following normal navigation is essential at all times.
Lights are required for the 15 minutes following Lighting Down and the 15 minutes preceding Lighting Up, as well as at all times of reduced visibility. Lights must be solid white lights visible through the full 360 degrees.
Lent Term brings some additional early morning traffic restrictions for crews boating in the first 15 minutes after lighting down:
They must row full-crew and full-slide until at least Chesterton Footbridge. If there’s no-one behind you, nobody is going to enforce this, but if your crew is the one causing traffic to accumulate behind you, fines will be issued.
They must row all the way to Baitsbite before spinning (i.e. they may not spin at the P&E or at the bottom of the reach, except for emergencies)
Crews unable to manage both of these things must wait until 15 minutes after Lighting Down before boating.
The Early Morning Marshals rota will be updated soon, and will begin next Monday.

We have yet to confirm the time and location of the start of term Captains Meeting, but it will probably be on Sunday 19th Jan, late afternoon/early evening.

Best wishes,
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