[CUCBC Captains] Wolfson is selling a novice 8+

wolfson.captain at cucbc.org wolfson.captain at cucbc.org
Wed Sep 11 14:55:37 BST 2019

Dear all,


Wolfson is selling its trusty novice 8, the 'Ronan'. It is a Burgashell '
college eight'. Built on the specifications of a wider, flat bottomed and
heavier class for novices to learn to row in. Perfect for having a piece of
mind in the upcoming novice term as it's a sturdy boat that will provide a
great platform for novices!


We would now like to invite offers for this boat.


Kind regards,


Harry Michalakakis

Captain of Wolfson College Boat Club


 <http://facebook.com/WolfsonCollegeBC> facebook.com/WolfsonCollegeBC

 <http://youtube.com/user/wolfsonboatclub> youtube.com/user/wolfsonboatclub



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