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Wed Oct 16 11:14:41 BST 2019

Dear all,

As mentioned at the Captains Meeting, over the summer we received a few
requests for CUCBC cooperation from various parties:

*Illness caused (or suspected to have been caused) by exposure to Cam

Data is being collected on illnesses contracted as a result of contact with
the river. In the first instance, please send any comments about relevant
medical issues to Jo Burch at camrowassociationsecretary at gmail.com -
date/location/contact with water/GPs assessment would be appreciated.

*Anti-social or threatening behaviour*

The council have received numerous reports, but from a limited number of
individuals. In order to establish the extent of the nuisance and the
impact it may be having they have written to residents living on or near
the river informing them how to report any behaviour that may have cause
them a disturbance.  They also want to ensure the rowing community know how
to report anything that might concern them when using this river.

Concerns about nuisance or anti-social behaviour can be reported directly
to the Community Safety Team  on 01223 457950 or via email,
asbsection at cambridge.gov.uk.

If the behaviour is happening on a regular basis (rather than a one-off),
we would ask those affected to  keep a record detailing date, time and what

Any illegal, aggressive or threatening behaviour should be reported
directly to the Police on 101 or via their online reporting page here

Cam Conservators are responsible for dealing with any incidents that may
impact on the safe navigation of the river and can be contacted on 01223

*Wildlife on the river*

As well as asking us to report anti-social or threatening behaviour, the
Council have asked us to remind all college crews of the need to be
vigilant of wildlife on the Cam, and to take all necessary action to avoid
colliding with ducks, swans etc. Whilst it is true that they'll often move
in time, sometimes this is not the case (such as when they're feeding
underwater), so please be mindful of this.

*Early morning noise*

Some of you may be aware that the Council were making a concerted effort to
identify crews and coaches who were making excessive noise near to
residents in the early morning (i.e. before 07:30, and in particular before
07:00). This includes all of the river along the boathouses and riverside,
all the way up to the Railway Bridge. I'm pretty sure I've seen them out
already this term, so please ensure all of your coaches are reminded of the
rules - particularly with the clocks going back in a few weeks.



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> Dear all,
> Please find attached minutes from yesterday's Captains meeting.
> Best wishes,
> Matthew
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