[CUCBC Captains] Horningsea & Early Morning Noise

Conor Burgess conor at cucbc.org
Wed May 22 14:11:36 BST 2019

Dear all,

Two reminders for you to pass on to your crews & all coaches or bank
parties please:

   1. When rowing below Baitsbite lock, you must not start race pieces
   until you reach the far side of Horningsea village. There are signs
   indicating where you need to slow down to reduce wash; this is essential
   because a racing VIII creates a lot of wash in that stretch of very narrow
   river, and nasty accidents have been known to occur with e.g. boiling water
   on the house boats along that stretch. You can still get a 2k piece in from
   the downstream side of Horningsea to Clayhithe Bridge.
   2. The council have been taking early morning noise complaints very
   seriously, and have started sending out their own independent assessors to
   record loud crews & bank parties before 07:30am. We will be getting in
   touch with the clubs identified individually, but I must stress the
   seriousness of this. If they don't start seeing improvements, the powers
   they have far exceed what we will fine you! There can genuinely be *no
   coaching from the bank* anywhere *upstream of the Railway Bridge before
   07:30*, and *cox box volume must be kept to the minimum safe level* and *cox
   box use limited to the bare minimum calls* everywhere upstream of the
   Railway Bridge before 07:30.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

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