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Hi All,

I have had a number of people expressing an interest in this including: 99’s, Cantabs, Hughes, Magdalene, Homerton and Darwin.

However, the weather is currently forecast to have SW gusts of 43 mph from 11am to 8pm.  That means crews would be rowing down the Long Reach into a big head wind.  I’m therefore not sure it is currently a runner.

If the wind drops then it may be worth doing, but for now I suggest that we assume it wouldn't be safe/fun to row.


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 into a 
> On 14 Mar 2019, at 09:06, Seb Walker <ccrccaptain at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear all,
> With the weather forecast looking uncertain, I wanted to float an idea of us putting together a contingency plan for an on Cam timed event should WeHoRR be cancelled.  This was something that City and 99’s did when HoRR was cancelled a couple of years ago.  The aim would be to give people a chance to have some form of informal competitive occasion.
> A few points:
> We would need to be sure that the Cam was safe to row on and any club wanting to take part should check conditions with their safety officer.  Safety would be the responsibility of each club.
> We would not be able to get a river closure and so so this would not be a “race" but rather we would collectively be offering a timing service to crews doing pieces on the Cam.  This means that any crew taking part would need to give way to other river users where the normal traffic rules apply and would need to steer the normal navigation lines
> How it might work
> I estimate that there would be up to 25 crews wanting to take part
> We would set up a start and finish timing post using the RowClock app at the motorway bridge and at the top finish - this would need to be manned by volunteers.  We could run this from 2:30pm to 3:30pm when the river generally has less traffic
> Each crew would have a bank party for safety.  The bank party would be there to advise the crew if they needed to stop or take action to avoid other river users
> The bank party would give the crew’s name to the timers and their piece time would be recorded
> Afterwards crews could meet at the Waterman to compare times, make excuses and so on
> Please let me know if this might hold interest for you, or if you see any issues with the above.
> Best regards
> Seb
> Seb Walker
> Captain
> City of Cambridge Rowing Club
> 07789 917763

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