[CUCBC Captains] Seeking an experienced cox for WEHoRR

Hughes Hall Captain hughes.women at cucbc.org
Mon Mar 11 11:45:16 GMT 2019


I hope you are all well recovered from post-Bumps celebrations!

Hughes Hall are looking for an experienced cox to take our W2 to WEHoRR
next Saturday. They don't need to have raced on the Thames before but must
have raced previously and be confident enough that they'll thrive with the
madness that is racing on the Thames!

 If you know a cox who might be interested (or you are one!) in coming with
us could you get in touch we me either here or at hs634 at cam.ac.uk asap?

Thank you in advance on behalf of eight supremely lovely and very excited
rowers :)

Best wishes,


HHBC Women's Captain
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