[CUCBC Captains] wind forecast today

PETER CONVEY peter.convey at btinternet.com
Sat Mar 9 08:39:11 GMT 2019

Dear all
at present the forecast for today is for high winds comparable to Thursday's conditions in the middle of the day. If so, this will affect at least the first two divisions racing (1240 and 1320), and possibly later though is forecast to drop quite quickly.
Can I ask all to refresh yourselves on the advice sent before Thursday's racing, which was well heeded. Marshall well on time and bring sufficient spare clothing, and competent and experienced bank party members. Be particularly aware around bumping, acknowledging and clearing sensibly and in full control of the crew. If we do suffer delays affecting later divisions, this will be updated via the website and lists, but unless we notify otherwise you should assume your division's marshalling will be on time.

Please note there are normally no rerows on Saturday. In an early 'checkmate' situation we may consider rerowing a large part of an obstructed division, but even that will be difficult under the current forecast.
Can I also re-emphasise the importance of rowing home safely and sensibly after your race, and in particular no swapping around of crew members or cox.
ThanksPeteCUCBC Chief Umpire
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