[CUCBC Captains] Today's conditions

PETER CONVEY peter.convey at btinternet.com
Thu Mar 7 09:33:13 GMT 2019

Dear all
Today's wind is forecast to be high until late afternoon, along with possible showers later and significant wind chill.
Although it's stating the obvious, clearly crews should be prepared for this

We are intending on racing, so crews should marshall as normal, but ensure they do so in plenty of time and bring sufficient warm clothing
Crews should be accompanied by competent bank parties to assist with bringing them in and holding them on the bank.
Maintaining control of your boat and clearing quickly and effectively after bumps is particularly important in these conditions
For purely practical reasons, especially given the cold, we are less likely to consider rerows today given the delays this will pose to waiting crews; if so technical decisions will be based on crew separations at the point of any obstruction arising.
CUCBC Chief Umpire and Senior Committee member

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