[CUCBC Captains] Getting-on Race Results

Matthew Temple matthew at cucbc.org
Fri Mar 1 20:45:33 GMT 2019

Dear all,

The results of the 2019 Lent Bumps Getting-on Race are below. The Bumps
start order has been updated and is available on the CUCBC website.

A reminder about the times for the meetings this Sunday, in the QB Lecture
Theatre in Emmanuel college:

Captains Meeting 4-4:30pm
Umpire's Briefing 4:30-5pm
Coxes' Briefings 5-5:30pm (Senior Coxes) and 5:30-6:15pm (Novice Coxes)

Best wishes,

Matthew Temple
CUCBC Exec. Committee

The following crews have qualified for bumps:

King's M2
Caius M3
Queens' M3
St Catharine's M3
Wolfson M2
St Edmund's M2
Downing M3
Hughes Hall M2
Pembroke M3
Selwyn M2
Magdalene M3
Emmanuel M3
Darwin M2
Churchill M3

Newnham W3
Clare W3
Emmanuel W3
Queens' W3
Homerton W2
Churchill W2
Hughes Hall W2
Caius W3

The following crews did not get on:

Trinity Hall M3    7:41
Sidney Sussex M2    7:42
Christ's M3    7:47
Fitzwilliam M3    7:48
Homerton M2    7:49
Girton M2    7:35
Caius M4    7:52
Selwyn M3    8:00
First and Third M4    8:00
Magdalene M4    8:02
Queens' M4    8:17
Wolfson M3    8:21
Jesus M4    8:22
Downing M4 (TO)    8:31
Robinson M3    8:33
Hughes Hall M3 (TO)    8:33
Pembroke M4 (TO)    11:52

Robinson W2 (TO)    8:50
Corpus Christi W2    8:57
Downing W3    8:58
Darwin W3    9:00
Fitzwilliam W2    9:03
Selwyn W2    9:07
Lucy Cavendish W2    9:18
LMBC W4 (TO)    9:22
Trinity Hall W3    9:26
Jesus W4    10:40
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