[CUCBC Captains] Call for interest: 'Introduction to Coaching' course

Tom Copeland tjhcopeland at googlemail.com
Mon Jul 8 17:45:12 BST 2019

Dear Captains,

I hope that this is the right list to send this to:

I am looking at running an 'Introduction to Coaching' course during the
first couple of weeks of the Michaelmas Term 2019. The aim of the course
will be to provide those in the first few years of their coaching careers
(e.g. LBCs) with materials and concepts to support them in running safe,
effective coaching sessions.

There will be a cost involved - but as this is the first time the course is
being run, it will be done at cost.

At this stage I'd simply ask that you say (not by Reply All, please...)
whether you would be interested in signing your coaches up, and to give us
an idea of numbers that would attend. At this time there is no fixed number
of sessions: we can flex the number of sessions to match interest.

We'll look forwards to hearing from you soon,

Tom Copeland

*Introduction to Coaching:*
Aspects covered during this course will include:

   - Understanding who insures coaches
   - Running safe sessions
   - Checking equipment before outings
   - Assessing risk and modifying outings accordingly
   - Summoning emergency services while on the river
   - Setting up an athlete's seat (getting the footplate and stretcher
   - Introducing novices to the basics of technique
   - Designing and implementing drills
   - Working with novice coxes
   - Making the most of our river - navigation, traffic, respect for others
   - Planning and delivering linked sessions

Note: First Aid, Safeguarding and Clean Sport will not be in the scope of
the session(s), but an overview of the importance of each will be provided
and appropriate training providers will be signposted

Duration: Either a full day with coffee/lunch breaks, or two/three evening
sessions, to suit the schedules of interested parties

Dates: To suit clubs/individuals, but would anticipate scheduling around
the start of the Michaelmas term (in the weeks before/after 8th October)

Cost: As this is the first time we're looking at running this, the aim will
be to cover costs (room hire, resources etc.) and will depend on numbers of
interested clubs/individuals - but we'll aim for something like £10-20 per
person. The more people that attend, the more that costs can be spread

Disclaimer: This is being run by private individuals with a view to helping
local coaches improve their practice. This course is not affiliated with
any club. I'd rather not have to start a company and take out insurance for
everyone attending, but will investigate the legal position on this and act
accordingly - we may have to ask people to sign disclaimers, for example.
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