[CUCBC Captains] Captains' meeting and some reminders

Felicity Parker felicity at cucbc.org
Sun Jan 13 17:14:28 GMT 2019

Dear all,

The start-of-term captains' meeting will be held next Sunday, 20th January,
at 5pm in the Long Room at Murray Edwards. The agenda is attached, as are
the committees' proposals for rule changes based on the consultation held
last term. Please read the latter carefully and consider your position
before the meeting.

Full Term begins this Tuesday, 15th January, and you are reminded that the
following rules will thereafter be in effect:

   - During the Lent Term, and in addition to any other restrictions the
   CUCBC Executive Committee may introduce, fours or eights boating on weekday
   mornings must not spin before Baitsbite Lock in the 15 minute period after
   Lighting Down. Boats wanting to spin at the Penny Ferry or on the Long
   Reach may only do so from 15 minutes after Lighting Down.
   - During the Lent Term *all crews must maintain full slide, full crew
   rowing until Chesterton footbridge*, where they may begin exercises
   providing they allow room for other crews to overtake. *This will apply
   in the 15 minutes after Lighting Down only.*
   - That [...] during Full Term, pairs and doubles must have a banksteerer
   outside the hours of 9am to 4pm, or 30 minutes before lighting up if

All senior crews may boat at lighting down (though they must of course have
lights if boating within 15 minutes of lighting down), novice crews 15
minutes after lighting down and no earlier than 7:30am; there is no limit
to the number of crews a club may have on the water.

Kind regards,


Felicity Parker
CUCBC Honorary Secretary
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