[CUCBC Captains] Looking for full sub Clare Hall W1

Clare Hall Women clarehall.women at cucbc.org
Thu Feb 28 22:08:47 GMT 2019

Dear captains,

I hope all your preparations for Lent Bumps are going well!

Clare Hall W1 is looking for a full sub during Lent Bumps in the W3 division. Due to a severe concussion, our 6 seat won’t be able to row during Lent Bumps. If you have any female rowers in your club that will not participate for their own boat club during bumps, would you be so kind to forward this e-mail to them?

We are looking for someone who can row stroke-side and preferably has experience in a 6 seat. According to the CUCBC rules, she cannot sub or row during the GoR or any of the bump days for any other club, nor can she row in a town club. Availability during the following days is required:
- Sunday 3rd of March at 11am for a final outing.
- Tuesday 5th of March and Wednesday 6th of March from 12.40 onwards.
- Friday 8th and Saturday 9th of March from 11.20 onwards.

Due to the large amount of scratches for the GoR in the Women’s division, we’re hoping that someone will be happy to join! 

Thank you very much for your help and good luck to all of you next week!

Best wishes,
Simone de Rijk
CHBC Women’s Captain 

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