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Isabel Nimmo izzy at cucbc.org
Mon Feb 11 15:41:59 GMT 2019

Dear Coxes,

Bit of a mammoth e-mail, I'm afraid.

Before I get started, could I ask any cox captains to pass on to their
junior coxes who are not on the cox mailing list, and club captains - I'm
aware not all of you have cox captains, so the same request. Many thanks!

*Bumps Safety Briefings*

These will be held early evening on Sunday the 3rd of March. Exact time and
venue will be confirmed soon.

Most of you will have sat through at least one of these before, but for the
benefit of those competing for the first time, these are safety briefings
held for all participating coxes. Novice coxes (defined as those who have
not competed in a set of CUCBC run bumps before) must attend in person,
unless they receive permission to miss it from the CUCBC Safety Officer.
Senior coxes (those who have competed before) may be represented by another
senior cox, provided that representative undertakes to brief them in turn
before the start of racing.

*Bumps Bank Parties*

Following on from some discussions over the summer, it was suggested that
bank party (especially inexperienced ones) and some rowers might find it
useful to come along to the briefings to have a better understanding of
what coxes are likely to be doing, especially when clearing after a bump.
Come one, come all! I'm looking for a fairly big venue. I think it's
unlikely we'll fill it!

This is very much not a requirement (I'm well aware that many of the
members of bank parties have been doing this a *lot* longer than I have),
but an invitation to anyone who'd like to come along.

*Other Cox Related Stuff*

Also following on from some discussions over the summer, it has been
suggested that CUCBC could do a little bit more to facilitate general cox
happiness. I'm afraid last term was eaten by novice stuff, and I've
basically been pretty unwell since early January, but I'm awake now and
better late than never. With that in mind, I'd like to suggest three
possible things:

1) very informal cox social. If popular, I suggest taking over a coffee
shop some evening or weekend. It'd be a chance to have a chat to other
coxes, complain about rowers, and whinge about how cold it is.

2) The safety briefing is purely about safety. I would not set myself up as
the font of all bumps knowledge, but I'm happy to call in some favours and
put some experienced coxes in the room after the safety briefing for a
Q&A/general chat about how to race bumps effectively (as well as safely).

3) Coxing Seminar - this had very mixed reviews last time, but I've had a
few messages recently asking us to run another one.

With all of these, I'm not actually sure how popular they'd actually be.
Given that, I've stuck up a poll on the Coxes of Cambridge FB group (if you
don't know what this is, search for it - it will change your life when it
comes to finding subs!) Please feel free to express opinions there, or by
shooting me an e-mail if you'd rather.

Hope you're all well, not too frozen, and best of luck for the rest of
training and racing this term.

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